Dead Horse One

When Love Runs Dry

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Limited 12" EP: Transparent Pink Vinyl

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After 3 sold out albums, French Shoegaze heroes Dead Horse One come back with a new EP!

Louder than ever, the band teeters towards heavier territories, such as post-grunge and alternative rock, and features massive production but still timeless, catchy melody lines.

"When Love Runs Dry is like a time machine. Time froze in 1991. Boris Yeltsin is still in the game, Bill Clinton laughs. Ride and My Bloody Valentine are the best bands in the world. Liam Gallagher is fighting in the schoolyard and young Westerners think only of Nirvana. What happened between now and that era? Nothing. We are playing louder than ever."


Core / Static King / Nevermore / Mentally Homeless / Static King (Live Piano Version)