Gleaming Spires

Welcoming A New Ice Age

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Final album from Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick (Sparks/Devo).  Original album produced by Greg Penny (k.d. lang, Elton John), plus 8 previously unissued bonus tracks including their contributions to the film school Spirit. Packaging contains photos, lyrics, and a new essay from set co-producer Chaim O’Brien-Blumenthal, plus interviews with and track by track commentary from Bohem and Kendrick.

Their debut album, Songs Of The Spires, was released in 1981, and the follow up, Walk On Well Lighted Streets appeared in 1983.  Bohem became a screenwriter (Dante’s Peak, The Alamo) and Kendrick went to work the Bob and Mark Mothersbaugh—eventually joining Devo as their drummer. This new, expanded edition of Welcoming A New Ice Age, produced for release by Kendrick, Chaim O’Brien-Blumenthal, and Grammy®-winner Cheryl Pawelski, features the original album produced by Greg Penny (k.d. lang, Elton John), and 4 tracks from the film School Spirit (made for Roger Corman’s production company)—which get their first official release here, as well as tracks from the Eleven Blue Men sessions.


1. Mercy
2. Welcoming A New Ice Age
3. Tearaway
4. No One Coming Over
5. Your Secret Room
6. Bigger Than Life
7. Things I Have Done To Our Love
8. Blowing Up My Life
9. What’s Coming Next
10. Unprotected
11. Harm

12. It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding [Bonus Track]
13. Crumbling [Bonus Track]
14. Here Comes Mr. Funhog [Bonus Track]
15. Dedication [Bonus Track]
16. I Want More [Bonus Track]
17. A Boy And A Girl [Bonus Track]
18. Suspicious Minds [Bonus Track]
19. That’s It, Forget It [Bonus Track]