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Watch Out!

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Movement lies in all aspects of the record and is deeply embedded in India - “a high energy person” by their own admission - through their musical processes, daily routine and approach to life. This energy is woven into the music with careful sampling of traffic lights in Peckham and crossings in Dublin, morphing recordings into a fast paced rhythm on the aptly named ‘You Can't Expect The Cars To Stop If You Haven't Pressed The Button'’. This spirit continues on infectiously feel-good track ‘Feierabend’, which translates to “end of working day” in German. In India’s words, it “expresses the joy you get when you finish work” - tying the EP back to transit and commuting, reminiscent of their traditional cycle route home from work.

Side A 
Only Said Enough (04:59) 
Watch Out! (05:59) 

Side B
You Can’t Expect The Cars To Stop If You Haven’t Pressed The Button (04:50)
Feierabend (05:28) 
And Groove (05:04)