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Following their acclaimed debut ‘Telling Truths, Breaking Ties’, sophomore album ‘Wake Up, Shut Up, Work’ is another bold statement of intent building on an already hefty reputation gained through some 200 ferocious and joyous live shows over the last 2 years. Gracing stages inc. Slam Dunk, Bearded Theory, Rebellion, Northwest Calling, Kendal Calling and Boomtown, and they’ve also previously supported the likes of Less Than Jake and Ferocious Dog. Millie Manders says of the new album, “Our sophomore album has been so much more collaborative as a band, and it's been a really wonderful process in terms of expansion and evolution of our sound while maintaining a lot of what we have already put out on ‘Telling Truths, Breaking Ties’. We are all so proud of what we have achieved, and we all hope that ‘Wake Up, Shut Up, Work’ has a similarly warm reception when it's released into the world."


1            Angry Side                            02:41
2            Shut Your Mouth                    03:33
3            Me Too                                 03:37
4            Fun Sponge                          03:17
5            Windows                              03:11
6            R.I.P                                      03:19
7            Halloween                            04:24
8            Rebound                               03:18
9            One That Got Away A.V         03:13
10          Threadbare                          03:11
11          Can I Get Off?                      03:45
12          Pressure                               02:41