Voyage Voyage

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Limited LP : Limited indies-only edition turquoise vinyl

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The 3rd album from German electronic pop duo Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat AKA Coma.

Rich in melody and often melancholy, Coma’s repertoire occupies an emotionally driven corner of the electronic music spectrum, where dynamic soundscapes collide with honest lyrics.
Across 10 tracks, the pair meld piano, guitar, drums, synths and electronic flourishes to futuristic vocal harmonies that amp up the melancholic pop factor and capture life’s fleeting moments, moods and adventures. The album is anchored in an analog-meets-digital universe that’s informed by the idea of memory where musical and personal flotsam floats around the body of the record.
1. Snurrebassen
2. Spiracles
3. A-Train
4. Dream Sequence
5. Inside Out
6. Bits And Pieces
7. Minor Matters
8. Sparkle
9. Myopic
10. {...}