La Féline

Vie Future

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Vie Future is the third album by musician and author Agnès Gayraud (she is just about to publish her recent philosophical essay Dialectic of Pop in English (Urbanomic, 2019). Delving into the intimate in a manner reminiscent of the greatest French songwriters like Anne Sylvestre or Brigitte Fontaine, La Féline channels a sort of Laurie Anderson-like universe. This collusion is prodded along by Xavier Thiry production, who has been working with Agnès since 2008.
1. Palmiers Sauvages
2. Effet de Nuit
3. Où est passée ton Âme?
4. Fusée 05. Voyage à Cythère
6. La Terre Entière
7. Tant que tu respires
8. Fortune
9. Visions de Dieu
10. Depuis le Ciel