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Limited LP: Marble Vinyl

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Thyrfing emerged from the ever-growing underground scene in Sweden back in 1995. After seven full-length albums and numerous live performances all over the world, the band have gained a strong following over the years and an exquisite standing within the metal scene. They are considered one of the top bands within the so-called Viking/pagan metal genre - but on the other hand, Thyrfing are so much more with their truly outstanding and self-contained musical offering.

The name of the band is taken from the sword “Tyrfing” in Norse mythology - a cursed blade that appears in several tales and myths. Ever since the start, the mythology has played a huge part in the scenery and imagery of the band’s music and lyrics, something which is still intact today. ‘Vanagandr’ (an alternate name for the wolf creature known by the more familiar Fenrir) is a celebration of the tales and stories of Scandinavia - the track ‘Undergangens lankar’ is a conceptual piece focusing on Vanagandr/Fenrir and a track that carries the spirit and hallmarks that make Thyrfing so unique.

‘Dop dem i eld’ is both the opening song on the album and the first video, one of two produced for the band by Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Europe, Arch Enemy). A powerful, heavy, and aggressive track packed with groove and melody. Elsewhere ‘Tr ldomsord’ is regarded as possibly the band’s most intense song to date, whereas ‘Jordaf rd’ closes the album in epic fashion - a mournful and moody longing for the end to come. The perfect way to end the album!

Co-recorded and co-produced by Jakob Herrmann (In Flames, Machine Head, Evergrey) in Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg, with the renowned Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, U.D.O., Katatonia) looking after the mix and mastering, all of which ensures at ‘Vanagandr’ sounds massive! The art concept was executed perfectly by Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media (ex-Dark Tranquillity) who reconnects with the band once again (he also did the “Vansinnesvisor” album back in 2002.) ‘Vanagandr’ is the first release via the band’s new record label, Despotz Records. Who recently also signed over the rights to the band’s first four albums Thyrfing (1998), Valdr Galga (1999), Urkraft (2000), Vansinnesvisor (2002) and have announced exclusive physical re-issues are in the making.

“... a successful voyage into an oaken woods where death metal, traditional thrash, and Scandinavian folk commingle harmoniously” // John Serba,

“This album gives you an epic feel, and that’s the big strength of Thyrfing, their music can do something like that to you.” //


Dop dem I eld / Undergangens lankar / Rotter / Fredlos / Jarnhand / Hag och minne / Traldomsord / Jordafard