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Undercover Heartbreak

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Rubyworks are overjoyed to welcome Saibh (pronounced "Sive") Skelly to their roster.

Saibh is a 17 year-old busker and YouTuber from Dublin. Over the course of the last year, Saibh's acoustic session videos, which she has recorded at home during lockdown and shared online, have helped her amass over 50,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, generating in excess of 3.5 million views in the process. For her Rubyworks recording debut, Saibh has covered US singer-songwriter Alexander 23's sleeper hit "Come Here And Leave Me Alone", one of her favourite songs to have emerged from the lockdown period. The track was produced in Dublin by producer Cormac Butler, best known for his work with hitmakers The Academic and True Tides. Mixing duties were done by Peter Ashdown (Wyvern Lingo, David Keenan.)

With an Instagram following of over 83,000 and a burgeoning presence of TikTok, Saibh Skelly is truly a young artist for our times. Dublin teenager Saibh Skelly delivers the latest taste of her forthcoming 'Undercover Heartbreak' EP with a beautiful cover of 'Fix It To Break It', written by one of Saibh's favourite singer-songwriters, the young Australian Clinton Kane. Saibh's lead off one-two punch of 'Come Here And Leave Me Alone' and 'Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?' have enjoyed 150k views (and counting) on YouTube and furthermore have introduced her to Irish radio, racking up over 600 plays to date and also to the world of streaming, with current listeners in excess of 300,000 peppered across 20+ non-official, fan-curated playlists.


1. Come Here And Leave Me Alone
2. Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?
3. Fix It To Break It
4. When You Love Someone
5. I Hate U, I Love U