Under Utopia

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In an era defined by futility, isolation, and precarity, it can be difficult to envision a utopia. But on Skeleten’s thrilling, immersive debut album, Under Utopia, the Sydney musician dares to imagine new ways of being that are not characterized by doom or despair. Across eleven tracks of free-flowing, transcendent, and often euphoric electronic music, Skeleten praises the power of comradery and community; while dreaming of a future that is joyously boundless.
  1. Generator
  2. Mirrored
  3. Walking On Your Name
  4. Heart Full Of Tenderness
  5. Territory Day
  6. No Drones In The Afterlife
  7. Under Utopia
  8. Colour Room
  9. Right Here It's Only Love
  10. Sharing The Fire (Vinyl version)
  11. Everything We Need In The World