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Under Cover Lover

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First ever re-release of Stirling March's 1985 Bahamian boogie grail "Under Cover Lover" since original copies are painfully hard to find and commanding eye-wateringly high prices.
A sun-kissed Caribbean boogie track, Stirling explains that “this was the first song that I had written that I felt was good enough in its arrangement to put to tape”.

The record was originally released on the sound engineer's own label Illumination Records, but was distributed solely
by Stirling, who admits that “I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I knew I had something good but didn't quite
understand the industry and nobody picked it up”. Although he recalls the local radio airtime being “phenomenal”,
difficulties in elevating the record's status were further compounded by his own financial inability to promote the
record as it probably warranted. As a result, the record was therefore soon sadly lost into distant memory.

Until now!
A. Under Cover Lover
B. Under Cover Lover (Instrumental)