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Raz started working on the album Tyrants in 2017 and mixed the finished version in 2021. The writing process began with listening to sketches and sound-files he had collected throughout the past years, which he had not yet given up on. The album is thus a natural continuation of his previous works and showcases Raz’s unique sound design coherently. His increased focus into composition and arrangement is highlighted even further in this release.

In the oblivious environment surrounding his hideaway lake cabin he produced an album that is rich and diverse in its sonic palette, ranging from harshly distorted synth-peaks, cinematic soundscapes, all the way to avant-garde contemporary classical, and jazz music. It is an album that invites the listener to explore and discover not just the intimate self: it is also a very personal, intuitive observation and reflection on the world that we are living in today.

Certain instruments are very prominent. An old piano that was left in Raz’ apartment by a friend that he found joy in playing. One can hear a certain curiosity in the performance of this newly found, dust layered treasure (Bardot). Sonically the album is an attempt to blend acoustic sound recordings with synthesized sounds, and to blend musical genres into one. It is an acoustic expression of the transformative times we are living in, a realm of mankind being mastered by technology. The gap of this transformational process is a glitchy moment of time. It is portrayed on the front cover image of the album, by glitch artist Azamat Akhmadbaev.


A1 Bardot
A2 Instant Mastery
A3 River Of Surrender
A4 Whistleblower
B1 Where To
B2 Tyrants
B3 Pretty Bird
B4 Bootsy & Nils