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Limited LP : Silver Vinyl

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Old 97’s return with ‘Twelfth’, their aptly titled 12th studio album, recorded this spring in Nashville, Tennessee, between a tornado and a pandemic.

“We experienced some close calls over the last few years,” says frontman Rhett Miller, “and I think that led us to this dawning realization of the fragility of it all. At the same time, it also led us to this increased gratitude for the music and the brotherhood we’ve been so lucky to share. I think all of that combined to make recording this album one of the most intensely joyful experiences we’ve ever had as a band.”

That joy is utterly palpable on ‘Twelfth’. Loose and raw, the record is an ecstatic celebration of survival, a resounding ode to endurance and resilience from a veteran group that refuses to rest on their considerable laurels. Working out of Sputnik Sound in Nashville, Miller and his longtime bandmates - bassist Murry Hammond, guitarist Ken Bethea and drummer Philip Peeples - teamed up once again with GRAMMY-winning producer Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Jack White) and, while the resulting album boasts all the hallmarks of a classic Old 97’s record (sex and booze, laughter and tears, poetry and blasphemy), it also showcases a newfound perspective in its writing and craftsmanship, a maturity and appreciation that can only come with age and experience. Perhaps the band are growing up; maybe they’re just getting started. Either way, Old 97’s have never been happier to be alive.


The Dropouts
This House Got Ghosts
Turn Off The TV
I Like You Better
Happy Hour
Belmont Hotel
Confessional Boxing
Diamonds on Neptune
Our Year
Bottle Rocket Baby
Absence (What We’ve Got)
Why Don’t We Ever Say We’re Sorry