Pod Blotz

Transdimensional System

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Limited LP : Limited edition clear vinyl

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Pod Blotz began in 2002 and has released over 25 cassette and vinyl releases via labels such as L.I.E.S., Difficult Interactions, Clan Destine, Chocolate Monk, and Dungeon Taxis. Over the years the project has included a number of guest members and performance artists, but has solely remained the brainchild of Suzy Poling. The prolific experimentalist now makes her Dais debut with the emotionally crushing Transdimensional System. The record was recorded at Poling’s studio in Downtown Los Angeles, primarily using sounds and samples collected from the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Oakland, CA. The record twists and turns throughout space like a writhing exorcism unfurling upon the unsuspecting listener. It’s a journey about beauty, and the complexity of posthuman existence through a cathartic lens of churning rhythms and haunting vocal work.


1. Pain Is A Door
2. Industrialized Living Effects
3. Extrasensory
4. Unified Totality
1. Life Like An Electric Surge
2. Double Helix
3. Lights In The Middle Of Nowhere
4. Transforming DNA