Andy Bell

Torsten In Queereteria

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Sound Wave

The third solo album from the former Erasure vocalist as his alter-ego Torsten, a gender-fluid, semi-immortal who, having loved and lost many during an unnaturally elongated life, is left haunted by his lifetime of bittersweet memories.


1. A Hundred Years Plus Today
2. You Stampede An Open Wound
3. Lowland Lowriders
4. I Am Of The Sea
5. Cabaret Awayday
6. Queereteria
7. If We Want To Drink A Little
8. Thou Shalt Be My Vibe
9. Money With Menaces
10. Let’s Be Sober Another Time
11. Come And Taste My Breakdown
12. To Know Good Men From Perverts
13. We Hadn’t Slept For Twenty Years
14. Silence Is Golden
15. Not Opting Out