Gemma Cullingford

Tongue Tied

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Dinked : Neon Yellow Vinyl LP / CD with Instrumental version of album / Original 12"x12" screen print, individually signed & numbered by artist Kelda Storm / Tongue Tied Untied fanzine with download code / Signed & numbered Dinked sticker / Limited pressing of 400

LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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‘Tongue Tied’ is the sophomore album from Gemma Cullingford (Sink Ya Teeth). Written and produced from Gemma's humble home studio in Norfolk, ‘Tongue Tied’ blends many styles of electronica from 70's experimental and new wave, early 80's electro, acid house and techno to noughties electro clash, topped with her own vocal style to produce a unique and fresh sound. It explores relationships and the different emotions they can bring, from paranoia, yearning and helplessness to lust, shyness and just downright wanting to dance.

‘Tongue Tied’ is a progressive follow up to her debut ‘Let Me Speak’ which garnered support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Amy Lame, Nemone, Chris Hawkins, Jamz Supernova, John Kennedy and James Endeacott, plus glowing reviews in Mojo, Uncut and Electronic Sound.

For the cover artwork on ‘Tongue Tied’, Gemma has collaborated with visual artist Kelda Storm who shares Gemma's love for bright, contrasting neon colours and minimal bold designs. She uses the iconography of feminine lips across her work as a symbol of speech and voice.


Side A
1. Accessory
2. Tongue Tied
3. Bass Face
4. Holding Dreams
5. Mechanical

Side B
6. New Day
7. No Fail
8. Chronicle of Sound
9. Red Room
10. Daisy