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Hong Kong trio Blood Wine Or Honey follow 2018's "Brilliant Pebbles" (from Howie B's "Space Is The Plaice" compilation with a new track "Tomorrow", plus 5 remixes for this mini-LP.

Loosely referencing Ian Dury's 'Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3', Herbie Flowers' slap-back picked bass, Ethiopic jazz
abstractions and a certain Chow Yun-fat classic, TOMORROW is a rhythm-heavy, mantric tropical ritual dressed up in
smooth city lights. Evoking super-bright LEDs drenched in monsoon madness and otherworld longing, the track's
glacial cool melts into dance-floor heat with de-tuned drums, loved-up sax, big-mood vocals and dream-like synths.
A1. Tomorrow
A2. Peak Helium IV (Fancy Cat Remix)
A3. Loosefoot (#Normal remix)
B1. Orwellian Woman (Medlar Remix)
B2. The Undying Overrated (Biggabush Remix)
B3. Tomorrow (#Normal remix)