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Limited LP: Red or White Vinyl (Random Lucky Dip)

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Known for they explosive live sound they managed to fully capture the gutsy experience and raw energy of their show with a vintage aesthetic and a deep interplay cultivated with over a thousand concerts and countless hours playing together. The original line-up of Aldo Betto on guitar, Blake C. S. Franchetto on bass, and Youssef Ait Bouazza on drums has now expanded to a quartet adding Nicola Peruch on keyboards.  

Nicola has worked with the band since their first album and finally become an official member being involved in all the phases of this release, from composing to recording.  

The world-renowned trombonist Gianluca Petrella from Bari appears on one of the tracks, an acquaintance made by Savana Funk at the ‘Jova Beach Party’ where the band left its mark during their live performances which included jams with Jovanotti in front of tens of thousands of people. Max Castlunger, a percussionist from South Tyrol, has already been a guest on the band’s first album. Here, he is present on nearly every track, contributing greatly to the album’s soundscape. Furthermore, Elena Majoni is the violinist on the title track.


Fuga da Goree / Afromoon / Il Ghepardo / Kiki / Tindouf / The Invisible Man / Keta Diva / Kontiki Blues