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Limited LP: Transparent Red Vinyl

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On TIMEKEEPER, Zenith Volt says: I am so inspired by the thought that at this very moment in time, our heels are stepping out of a past to be left forever in exchange for an unwritten future. The album TIMEKEEPER holds an amalgam of this heaviness and hope throughout. Each instrument, melody, and message has a self-reflective undertone. Speak from the heart, embrace the strange, and keep a clear head. While the past and future are overall inspirational waypoints, they are specifically stylistic ones as well. Timekeeper has a heavy retro/futuristic synthesizer tone and feel. Arpeggiating pulse and forward motion stitch each track together forging ahead through time itself.

Pulling sounds from retro and futuristic palates, Zenith Volt constructs an ethereal reality, attuned to the openness, enormity and unpredictability of the expanding universe; and the unknown that ever lies ahead.

Writing, recording, and broadcasting auditory reverberation across the universe from the island of Maui, Hawaii.


01 Timekeeper

02 Galaxy

03 Fountains

04 Supercomputer

05 Challenger

06 Heartbeat

07 Lost And Found

08 Hold On