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Brooklyn-based alt-rock quartet Tree River are many things: unconventionally catchy; unequivocally loud; inventive songwriters. But the one thing that the band themselves find to be their defining feature is that they’re perfectionists. As vocalist/guitarist Trevor Friedman puts it, “Every single line, every single word, has had a conversation about it.”

This level of care extends not just to the lyrics, but to the songwriting, the presentation, and everything about Tree River. This is a band that cares deeply about everything they do. Tree River started taking its first steps in 2010, as an embryonic solo project of Friedman’s (hence the name, which is both a play on the name Trevor and evocative of the natural world-- a theme that would grow to be a central element of the band’s identity and lyrics as time went on). Slowly, Friedman’s best friend and fellow guitarist/vocalist Phil Cohen started to contribute-- pitching ideas for parts and arrangements, helping to flesh out lyrics and structures-- before eventually taking his place as the permanent other half of the project.


1. Thought Bubbles
2. Journey Proud
3. Patient
4. Laughing With
5. Crossroading
6. Catalyst
7. Little Ripper
8. Homesick
9. Same Blood
10. Prospect Park