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This Train I Ride (Original Soundtrack)

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The Australian musician Warren Ellis (Dirty Three, Bad Seeds, Grinderman) has scored a number of high-profile films (‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’, ‘Hell or High Water’, ‘The Road’) and his latest score is for ‘This Train I Ride’, a documentary film directed by Arno Bitschy.

Now available on CD, presented as a jewel case with booklet featuring beautiful ambient imagery taken from the film and designed by Marc Bessant.

This score was awarded Best Score Of 2020 in MOJO and has featured in many other end of year lists.

“My idea was to record, collate and produce the music on trains, in the spirit of the women in this documentary. Brian was so encouraging with this approach and told me about a train journey he had taken in the 80’s with no fixed destination. Over the next month I sat with my computer, loops, iPhone, Reface DX synthesiser and forgotten ideas and composed the music on the Metro and Eurostar and in various hotels while working on [Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’] ‘Ghosteen’. I would send the pieces to Arno from the train, or wherever I was located, and he edited them into the film.” - Warren Ellis

The film tells the story of women hopping freight trains around America. The film follows the life-journeys of these women living on the fringe in a rapidly changing country, in their quest for identity, freedom and finding their place in the world.

This Train I Ride
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