The Brown Goose

This Is The Way

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This Is The Way’ is the second album by Tallahassee, Florida-based alt-rock band The Brown Goose and their first for lsotopia Records. The album was written during the band’s SRO tour of the South and Southwest. There they witnessed the majesty and the dark side of the American dream which provided the themes for the seven expertly crafted songs on the record.

From the bleak underbelly and decay of small-town America, the epidemic of addition, the sense of personal and cultural isolation to the resilience of the people and the band members’ own experiences of love and loss, ‘This Is The Way’ paints a poignant portrait powerfully delivered in a cycle of rock anthems and ballads that introduce a new and exhilarating wake-up call for Southern alternative Rock.


Zombies (Get the Sigma) / When the Whispers Fade / Gimme That Feelin’ Back / Creepin’ Steadily / Apocalyptic Love Song / Runnin’ the Streets / Time Doesn’t Wait for Us