Things Don't Always Go The Way You Plan

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A project of previously unheard music from the past decade. Featuring tracks with Injury Reserve, Panda Bear and Isabella Manfredi, the music traverses hip hop, pop and ambient beats, as well as production synonymous with his rise in the early 2010's. Artwork by Jonathan Zawada.

The collection is an immersive dive into the various eras of Flume with a combination of experimental and vocal material. There’s uplifting cinematic moments, “Close 1.2 [2016 Export Wav],” wonky mixtape era beats, “Nice 2 Know U 1.5.3 [2020 Export Wav],” a return to hip hop, “Counting Sheep (V2) [2018 Export Wav],” and classic song driven material, “Rhinestone 1.7.2 [2018 Export Wav].” It’s all very Flume and consistent with the eclecticism that has earned him his unique lane in electronic music and popular culture.

1. Counting Sheep (V2) [2018 Export Wav] (feat. Injury Reserve)
2. Nice 2 Know U 1.5.3 [2020 Export Wav]
3. Why 1.3 [2012 Export Wav]
4. Rhinestone 1.7.2 [2018 Export Wav] (feat. Isabella Manfredi)
5. Dream 1.2.2 [2016 Export Wav]
6. beat 58.1.1 [2020 Export Wav]
7. Close 1.2 [2016 Export Wav]
8. One Step Closer 1.4 [2021 Export Wav] (feat. Panda Bear)
9. SPOKE 2 ALIENS FINALLY 1.3 [2020 Export Wav]
10. Things Don't Always Go The Way You Plan 1.2 [2020 Export Wav]