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The Best of the studio recordings and live with Orchestra by Vanilla Fudge. Vanilla Fudge, tightly bound by shared professional and personal experiences and, like most teenagers and young adults in ‘67, enticed by experimental drugs and ‘free love,’ had transformed their sound.

Some club owners complained that their slow, moody, stop-start, whisper-then-scream arrangements of songs like ‘Ticket to Ride,’ ‘People Get Ready’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ were emptying dancefloors. With the patronage of George Francis ‘Shadow’ Morton, an extremely talented but somewhat unhinged producer-about-town, the group known as Mark Stein and the Pigeons, who’d impressed Morton with their showmanship and instrumental expertise, was transformed into Vanilla Fudge and signed to Atlantic’s ATCO subsidiary.

Disc one highlights the ‘best of’ Vanilla Fudge, the ferocity of sound; Disc two ups the ante when the Fudge meets Orchestra!


You Keep Me Hangin’ On / Tearin’ Up My Heart / Shotgun / People Get Ready / Take Me For A Little While / Good Good Livin’ / I Want It That Way / Need Love / Eleanor Rigby / She’s Not There / Season Of The Witch / Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? / Good Livin’ / Take Me For A Little While / Ain’t That Peculiar / People Get Ready / Shotgun / Tearin’ Up My Heart / She’s Not There / Keep Me Hangin’ On / Season Of The Witch / Da Ya Think I’m Sexy