The World Is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better

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Simultaneously a tribute to depression & wellness, L’Orange’s “The World Is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better” shows a musical & emotional growth from the North Carolina producer. Tension is built & released throughout the 23 track album. The album features guest narration from comedian Nish Kumar & Jeremy Scott (CinemaSins) as well as musicians Marc Rebillet, Solemn Brigham (Marlowe) & Jeremiah Jae. As the narrator closes the album, “The world is the same as always is. The only difference is that I feel better.”


1. OK Not Perfect
2. Che's Theme
3. Someone You Can See
4. Durbin Was A Trap House
5. Johann
6. I Am Different
7. Lori Saved Me
8. I Don't See You
9. Enjoy Your Little Philosophy
10. 54 Spaceships
11. The Sun It Hurts
12. Coffee
13. Spin Art
14. I Miss My Friend Scraps
15. Talk To Friendly Walls
16. Dreaming
17. What Am I Gonna Do
18. 5HTP
19. The Difference Between Dust & Powder
20. Small Towns
21. I Feel Better
22. Delonte Needed Help