Hayley Ross

The Weight Of Hope

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Hayley Ross lives by the sea in Brighton, grew up in Walton-on- Thames, has spent time in the Caribbean, and is right​
now renovating a fishing trawler to live on in Newhaven. Fascinated by water, as a child she dreamed of being a
mermaid, and there’s a distinctive watery theme running through her debut album, "The Weight Of Hope".

Four years in the making, Hayley Ross’ debut album, "The Weight Of Hope" features everything but the kitchen sink, as she’s become a serial hoarder of unusual instruments: stylophone, cigar box guitar, Korg monotron, melodica, plus
borrowed harmonium – and musical saw and crystal wine glasses played by Nick Pynn. “He brought the wine glasses
to the studio filled with water to different levels, on a box that was plugged in. He only lives down the road, so he
carried it down, but it's still quite impressive”.
1. Dernier Baiser
2. Moving All Around
3. Barracuda
4. Come Back
5. Tumbledown
6. Big Black Car
7. Lay Me Down
8. Jangled
9. Kids Again
10. See Her Light
11. Go Slow
12. Fierce Love
13. Spartan Heart