The Universe Also Collapses

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"The Gong legacy gets a blast of adrenaline" All About Jazz

Following the success of their 2016 album, 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!', itself a transitional album in the evolution of Gong as well as an opportunity to say goodbye to the great Daevid Allen, the band continued on with the release of the much lauded, 'The Universe Also Collapses'.

This is the modern sound of Gong, as vanguards of 21st-century psychedelia; propulsive, mystical & ecstatic. Having spent the past two years touring the world, with psych legend Steve Hillage, multiple headline European tours & festivals, America's 'Cruise to the Edge' festival, a South America headline tour & a headline performance at 'Tomorrow Festival' in China, the band won the hearts of both traditional & modern Gong fanbases. During this live journey, Gong delved further into the truly psychedelic, exploratory & mind- expanding side of the music & created an album which perfectly reflected their experience.

Frontman Kavus Torabi detailed the concept behind the album "Lyrically it can be summed up with the phrase 'Remember there is only now', which was originally the working title! Everything is happening at once & always will be. There is only this & there is only now. This is both a statement about where the band is at, being part of the long Gong continuum but being here & now as Gong in 2019 but the birth & death of the universe too. The Big bang & the eventual collapse of the Universe & everything in between is all happening in the same instant. In this very moment. Time is an illusion. All we have is this & it is beautiful."

'The Universe Also Collapses' was recorded at Snorkel Studios in London, engineered & mixed by Frank Byng, mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering & featuring artwork designed by 57 Design.


Forever Reoccurring ( 20:37 ) / If Never I'm & Ever You ( 02:27 ) / My Sawtooth Wake ( 13:14 ) / The Elemental ( 06:43 )