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The Twentieth Century Fox Years (1936-1938)

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“A” list Hollywood stars perform songs from the Fox musicals between 1936-1938 remastered from studio playback discs sans dialogue etc. First time available and on 2 CDs, listen to Judy Garland, Tony Martin, Shirley Temple, Dolores Del Rio, Barbara Stanwyck, Eddie Cantor, Ethel Merman, Betty Grable, Jane Withers etc. sing.


CD 1 : Betty Grable, Johnny Downs - It’s Love I’m After / Judy Garland, Dixie Dunbar, Betty Grable - The Balboa / Tony Martin, Dixie Dunbar - You Do the Darndest Things, Baby / Tony Martin, Dixie Dunbar - You’re Slightly Terrific / Judy Garland - It’s Love I’m After / Tony Martin, Barbara Stanwyck - Where the Lazy River Goes By / Tony Martin - There’s Something in the Air / Hall Johnson Choir - St. Louis Blues / Eddie Cantor, Tony Martin - Vote for Honest Abe / Eddie Cantor - Laugh Your Way Through Life / Eddie Cantor, The Peters Sisters - Swing is Here to Sway Pt. 1 / Eddie Cantor, The Peters Sisters - Swing is Here to Sway Pt. 2 / The Peters Sisters - Swing is Here to Sway (Reprise) / Tony Martin - I’ve Got My Heart Set on You / Tony Martin - I’ve Got My Heart Set on You (Reprise) / The Ritz Brothers - Rhumba Goes Nuts / Joan Marsh, Tony Martin - Rhumba Goes Collegiate / Joan Marsh - Big Chief Swing It / Tony Martin,  Gloria Stuart - Why Talk About Love? / Don Ameche - The Language of Love / Dick Baldwin - I Wanna Be in Winchell’s Column / The Brewster Twins - Be a Good Sport / Ruth Terry, The Peters Sisters - Broadway’s Gone Hawaii - Pt. 1 &  2 / Tony Martin - What a Beautiful Beginning / Tony Martin, Leah Ray - What a Beautiful Beginning / Jane Withers - Whoa Whoopee, Whoa Yippee / Ethel Merman - You Are the Music to the Words in My Heart / Ethel Merman - Hot and Happy 

CD 2: George Murphy, Marjorie Weaver - Here Am I Doing It / George Murphy, Joan Davis - Medley: Hold That Co-Ed / Limpy Dimp / Dolores Del Rio - You Made Me That Way / Shirley Temple, Joan Davis, Bert Lahr, Bill Robinson - This is a Happy Little Ditty / Shirley Temple, Bill Robinson - I Love to Walk in the Rain / Tony Martin - It’s the Strangest Thing / Tony Martin, The Brian Sisters - Moonshine Over Kentucky / Tony Martin - You’re Gorgeous / Marjorie Weaver, The Brian Sisters - Sing a Song of Harvest / Tony Martin - Isn’t It Wonderful, Isn’t It Swell? / Shirley Temple - If All the World Were Paper / Shirley Temple, The Brian Sisters - Be Optimistic / Shirley Temple, George Murphy - We Should Be Together / Shirley Temple - Swing Me an Old Fashioned Song / Buddy Ebsen, Joan Davis - Could You Pass in Love? / Sonja Henie, Richard Greene, Buddy Ebsen, Joan Davis - This May Be the Night / Phyllis Brooks, Jack Haley - Alone with You / The Peters Sisters - Alone with You (Reprise) / Shirley Temple - Happy  Ending / Phyllis Brooks, The Peters Sisters - Happy Ending / Shirley Temple - An Old Straw Hat / Shirley Temple - A Dreamland Choo Choo to Lullaby Town /  Shirley Temple - Broadcast Medley: On the Good Ship Lollipop / Animal Crackers in My Soup / When I’m with You / Oh My Goodness / Goodnight, My Love  / Shirley Temple - Toy Trumpet / Ethel Merman - With You on My Mind / Ethel Merman - Why Not String Along with Me? / Tony Martin, Jack Oakie - Thanks for Everything / Tony Martin - You’re the World’s Fairest