Charlotte Cornfield

The Shape Of Your Name (Deluxe)

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Limited LP+7": Blue Vinyl

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Charlotte Cornfield’s “The Shape of Your Name” was the inaugural release from Next Door Records, originally launched in April 2019. Next Door Records is proud to present a deluxe reissue of this monumental album in time for the second anniversary of its release. The deluxe reissue consists of the original LP, now pressed on Atlantic Blue vinyl, with bonus two track 7” In My Corner b/w Upstate.

From the original release sheet: ‘You free yourself when you take away the script,’ says Toronto songwriter Charlotte Cornfield. ‘That’s where this record came from, dismantling patterns and embracing the process.’ The album has a more honed studio sound than her scrappier 2016 release Future Snowbird, and for good reason: it was recorded in 5 different sessions over the course of 3 years. The songs are her strongest and most striking to date - contemplative and contemporary, funny and heart-wrenching - and they’ve got that stuck-in-your-head-for-days quality that Charlotte is known for.

‘My initial intention wasn’t to make a record at all,’ Cornfield muses. ‘The whole thing kind of happened by accident. I went to The Banff Centre to do a residency and came out with these recordings that I knew I wanted to use for something but wasn’t sure what.’ She brought the unfinished songs to her former roommate Nigel Ward in Montreal. ‘He fell into the producer role seamlessly,’ says Cornfield. ‘We took it slow and just tried things for a while until the vision settled in. There was no rush. It was freeing, and it gave the songs a lot of breathing room to develop.’”


June / Storm Clouds / Balladeer / Andrew / Silver Civic / Wheels / Up The Hill / Peonies / Release / In My Corner / Upstate