Naked Giants

The Shadow

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Limited LP : Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

LP : Standard Black Vinyl


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‘The Shadow’ is an energetic and exhilarating musical rollercoaster ride. Within the first ten minutes the band have already careened through a blitz of post-punk riffing, wastoid gang shouting, a singalong anthem-for-the-disaffected and a Talking Heads-ish funk- rock workout with bits of shimmery synth and lo-fi slide guitar riffing thrown in for good measure.

  1. Walk Of Doom
  2. High School (Don’t Like Them)
  3. Take A Chance
  4. Turns Blue
  5. (God Damn!) What I Am
  6. The Ripper
  7. Unpeeled
  8. Television
  9. Better Not Waste My Time
  10. The Shadow
  11. Song For When You Sleep