Melanie C

The Sea

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Melanie C catapults herself back onto the scene with this eleven-track album, ‘The Sea’, her own Red Girl Records label. From opener and title track ‘The Sea’ - a downtempo pacifier, complete with crashing waves and a lulling string section - to the roughed up Alanis Morisetteesque ‘Beautiful Mind’, Melanie C evokes multiple musical identities with this impressive fifth album. Poptastic new single ‘Think About It’ is a sure fire dance-floor hit, oozing with slicked-back sophistication, whereas ‘All About You’ is a soaring piano ballad, poised on a dramatic drum roll and was co-written by Guy Chambers.

The Sea / Weak / Think About It / Beautiful Mind / One By One / Stupid Game / All About You / Burn / Drown / Get Out Of Here / Enemy