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4 albums from Rimarimba, beginning with 1983’s "Below The Horizon", followed by 1984’s "On Dry Land" , 1985’s "In The Woods", and finally, the once- imagined, now-realized assembly of 1988’s "Light Metabolism Number Prague".

Rimarimba was the project of Robert Cox , based in Felixstowe, on the seaside in Suffolk, UK. Rimarimba was not
Cox’s first entry into the world of recorded music, but was the first time he explored, most perceptively, the
parameters of a particular musical mode: one where minimalism is removed from its “high-art” mantle, Cox
inveigling its practices in amongst the do-it- yourself creativity of a burgeoning and beguiling underground, letting
the music breathe – and most importantly, letting it play, gifting it with imagination.
4 albums:

Below The Horizon (FTS5)

On Dry Land (FTS6)

In The Woods (FTS7)

Light Metabolism Number Prague (FTS8)