Jenny Hval

The Practice Of Love

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The 7th album from the Norwegian singer-songwriter, filled with arpeggiated synth washes and the kind of lilting beats that might have drifted, loose and unmoored, from some forgotten mid-’90s trance single.

Given the horror and viscera of her previous album, 2016’s "Blood Bitch" (a concept album influenced by vampires, menstruation and 1970s horror films), "The Practice Of Love" is​ almost subversive in its gentleness—a deep dive into what it means to grow older, to question one’s relationship to the earth and one’s self, and to hold a magnifying glass over the notion of what intimacy can mean.
1. Lions (3:58)
2. High Alice (4:46)
3. Accident (4:11)
4. The Practice of Love (3:03)
5. Ashes to Ashes (4:15)
6. Thumbsucker (4:16)
7. Six Red Cannas (4:07)
8. Ordinary (5:18)