The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

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New version of 2001 classic electro album, now on 3 discs with bonus tracks that have never appeared on vinyl before.
For the first time music fans will be able to experience the whole journey on vinyl. The 3LP package includes the vinyl version of the album as it was originally released plus a bonus 12” featuring "Look Within", "Unordinary Realities" and "Do You Want to Get Down (Vocal De Void)" - for the first time available on wax.
Produced by the late James Marcel Stinson and released in 2001 via Supremat, a short-lived sub-label
Tresor dedicated to a more abstract and experimental electro sound, "The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate" was conceived as the second part of the so-called Drexciyan Storms – a whopping stack of seven albums by the Detroit pair released under different monikers within a single year (the Tresor album "Harnessed The Storm" being the first).
1. Transmission Of Life
2. Negative Flash
3. Walking With Clouds
4. Cerebral Cortex Malfunction
5. Cluben In Guyana
6. Look Within
7. Unordinary Realities
8. Dimensional Glide
9. War Of The Clones
10. Crossing Into The Mental Astroplane
11. Do You Want To Get Down?
12. Do You Want To Get Down? (Vocal De Void)