Robot Koch

The Next Billion Years

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Robot Koch is an award winning artist/producer/composer from Berlin, living in Los Angeles. He has become well known for his cinematic compositions that have been used in numerous Films, TV Show, Movie Trailers and Games. His immersive audio visual show Sphere, designed especially for Planetariums keeps winning awards at Film Festivals and has been licensed to Domes from Las Vegas to Berlin. Apart from pursuing his artist career, Koch can be found working as a producer and composer for both indie and major artists worldwide, gaining gold and platinum records for his productions. He is also invited as a speaker at tech and music conferences like SXSW. He`s played major US Festivals including Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle.

The album is themed around the future of mankind on this planet, inspired by a cassette which Koch found in a 2nd hand store in LA, which contained a previously unknown speech from marine biologist Jacques Yves Cousteau. On this tape Cousteau speaks about the next billion years and how our actions today determine the survival of our species.

This inspired Koch to write a whole album based on the idea of the far distant future.

Written in LA, recorded with an orchestra in Estonia (conducted by renowned conductor Kristjan Järvi) and mixed in Berlin, the album is an orchestral/electronic hybrid that expands Koch`s forward thinking compositions even more.


1. Manipura
2. Liquid
3. All Forms Are Unstable
4. Stars As Eyes - Robot Koch, Viktor Orri Árnason
5. Nebula
6. Dragonfly
7. Hawk
8. Glow
9. Post String Theory
10. Cousteau - Robot Koch, Julien Marchal
11. Particle Dance
12. Kassel