The King and Queen of Gasoline

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Limited LP : White Vinyl

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HOT MILK are back and here to create a ruckus.  Telling a story of tearaways, delinquents and being the King & Queen of their own dark underworld, fighting the patriarchy.  Hot Milk deliver that infectious rage that can only come from being the outcasts and now are taking back control to create a movement of their own with forthcoming EP "The King And Queen Of Gasoline" - produced by Hot Milk is out 5th August 2022 on Music For Nations.
"The King And Queen Of Gasoline" EP creates a storyline of overcoming resistance from control, whether its parental or relationships that have evoked feelings of being stifled and judged. These themes are threaded within the music which has become a lifeline to the band. 


The King and Queen of Gasoline
Teenage Runaways
I Fell In Love With Someone That I Shouldn't Have
Bad Influence
The Secret To Saying Goodbye