Benji Merrison

The Green Planet (Original TV Soundtrack)

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Plants live secret, unseen lives. But they are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as animals - locked in lifeand-death struggles for food and light, taking part in ferce battles for territory, and desperately trying to reproduce and scatter their young. 

Using pioneering new flmmaking technology and the very latest science, The Green Planet from BBC Studios reveals this strange and wonderful world of plants like never before. Sir David Attenborough travels across the globe, from the USA to Costa Rica, Croatia to northern Europe to fnd brand new stories and a fresh understanding of how plants live their lives.

The original soundtrack is composed by Benji Merrison and Will Slater who reveal, “The challenge was to create a score which allows the audience to connect with plants on an emotional level, much more of a conundrum than when scoring for the animal kingdom.” Acclaimed multidisciplinary music masters in their own right, Benji Merrison and Will Slater are now creating sounds for the screen together calling upon their collective experience from a music and arts education, work producing and touring records, as well composing for Film & TV. 


Green Planet Title
Change Is Coming
Race For Light
Phosphorescent Forest
Formation Of Rain
Ancient Rainforest
Fine White Threads
Invaders Of The Forest
Seven Hour Flower
Reconnecting Fragments
Arriving In Their Thousands
Emerald Kingdom
Plant Nemesis
Rapidly Growing Leaf
Change In The Weather
Ever Deeper Water
Share Of The Sun
Cano Cristales
Waterworld In The Sky
Blood Red Tentacles
Quarter Of A Million
Many Precious Seeds
Coast Of Formentera
Deserts Title
Once In A Decade
Masters Of Disguise
Stone Plant
Perfect Deception
Signals And Veins
Cholla Buds
Inhospitable Island
Saguaro Strategy
Hero Seed
Sugar Maples
Little Solar Panels
Lurking In The Shadows
Catching The Scent
Hammer Orchid
Temperatures Rise
Fire Lilies
Lifting Them Higher
Seasonal Forest Floors
More Vulnerable Than Ever
Changing Climate
Anchor Points
Ancestral Grasses
Living Bridges
Agricultural Spectacle
Cloud Forest
Almond Flowers
Finding A Balance
Returning The Land
A Greener Planet