Hobo Johnson

The Fall Of Hobo Johnson

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Half Azorean Portuguese, quarter Mexican and Native American vocalist Frank Lopes (who cultivated the moniker Hobo Johnson after being kicked out of his parents' house and left to live in his '94 Corolla), has built a grassroots
following via viral homegrown style videos showcasing his brand of self-effacing rap backed by his band The Lovemakers. Hobo’s momentum reached a tipping point after gaining feverish interest through his entry in NPR’s "Tiny Desk" Contest, which went viral(25 million streams to date) despite not winning. Bursting with unadulterated
sincerity, his genre-defying sound feels akin to musical anomalies of the past and future.
1. Typical Story

2. Mover Awayer

3. Uglykid (feat. Elohim)

4. You & the Cockroach

5. Subaru Crosstrek XV

6. Moonlight

7. Happiness

8. All in My Head

9. Ode to Justin Bieber (feat. Jack Shoot & JMSEY)

10. February 15th

11. Sorry, My Dear

12. I Want A Dog