Lynch Mob

The Elektra Years (1990-1992)

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Lynch Mob were originally formed by lead guitarist George Lynch and drummer Mick Brown in 1989 after creative differences led to the break up of their previous band, Dokken. Having missed out on the opportunity to play lead guitar with a newly solo Ozzy Osbourne, Lynch truly made his mark on the rock metal scene of the 1980s with Dokken. After some initial success in Germany, they relocated to Los Angeles in time to take full advantage of the then new MTV music channel and the burgeoning hair metal scene the Sunset Strip, populated by contemporaries such as Ratt and Motley Crue. Dokken’s split came follow their fourth studio album, ‘Back For The Attack’.

Featuring Lynch on lead guitar, and Brown on drums, the line-up for Lynch Mob’s debut 'Wicked Sensation' was completed by bassist Anthony Esposito and singer Oni Logan. Released in 1990, ‘Wicked Sensation’ was co-produced by the band with Max Norman, famed for his work with Ozzy Osbourne and many others. The album features the singles ‘River Of Love’ and ‘No Bed Of Roses’, with this edition no including the radio edit of the title track. The album was awarded gold sales status in the States.

Although their second album didn’t fare quite so impressively, with their brand of commercial hard rock losing favour to grunge, the album was critically well received. Produced by famed producer Keith Olse (Fleetwood Mac, Whitesnake, Heart), the eponymous ‘Lynch Mob’ hit the racks in 1992. Now featuring Robert Mason on lead vocals, replacing Oni Logan, among this collection of original songs, including the singles ‘Tangled In The Web’ and ‘Dream Until Tomorrow’, is a solid cover of Queen’s ‘Tie Your Mother Down’, written by Brian May. Japan had always been a popular stronghold for Dokken, an aspect that Lynch Mob were primed to take full advantage of, releasing a special edition of their second record featured two exclusive bonus tracks for Japan, ‘Love Finds A Way’ and ‘Love In Your Eyes’, both of which included here.

Lynch Mob would split shortly after their second album, but have regularly reformed for new recordings and tours, with their most recent release a 30th Anniversary “Reimagined” edition of their debut.


Wicked Sensation (1990)

1. Wicked Sensation
2. River Of Love
3. Sweet Sister Mercy
4. All I Want
5. Hell Child
6. She's Evil But She's Mine
7. Dance Of The Dogs
8. Rain
9. No Bed Of Roses
10. Through These Eyes
11. For A Million Years
12. Street Fightin' Man

Bonus track
13. Wicked Sensation (Edit)

Lynch Mob (1992)

1. Jungle Of Love
2. Tangled In The Web
3. No Good
4. Dream Until Tomorrow
5. Cold Is The Heart
6. Tie Your Mother Down
7. Heaven Is Waiting
8. I Want It
9. When Darkness Calls
10. The Secret

Bonus Tracks For Japan
11. Love Finds A Way
12. Love In Your Eyes