Happy Mondays

The Early EP's

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4x12" : One green, one blue, one orange and one yellow vinyl

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This collection of EPs features very early, rare Happy Mondays tracks originally released on limited vinyl in the late 1980s by Factory Records . Included is the original version of "24 Hour Party People" and feature track "The Egg" - with atmospheric eerie slide guitar and driving bass this is a stand-out gem from the band’s back catalogue and transports you back in time to late 1980s Manchester.

Forty Five:

A. Delightful

B1. This Feeling

B2. Oasis

Freaky Dancin'/The Egg:

A. Freaky Dancin' (Live)

B1. The Egg (Mix)

B2. Freaky Dancin'

Tart Tart:

A. Tart Tart

B. Little Matchstick Owen's Rap

24 Hour Party People:

A. 24 Hour Party People

B1. Yahoo

B2. Wah Wah (Think Tank)