If These Trees Could Talk

The Bones of a Dying World

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Limited 2LP: Clear Vinyl

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"Bones of a Dying World” is an hour long journey full of melody, melancholy, and cinematic post-metal. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, If These Trees Could Talk takes advantage of deep, layered sound full of reverberation and crisp guitar passages weaving in and out of the intense rhythm underneath. Overall, the album has a steady moderate pace with the majority of the songs maintaining catchy, melodic, clean guitar passages. The album also introduces a welcomed amount of distorted and heavy riffs built on top of the clean compositions, something only attainable with their trio of guitars. The group seems to stick to utilizing delay effects with long feedback trails; however, the band delivers a higher understanding of complexity by letting the effects organically enhance the amazing compositions." - The Sludge Lord

1. The Giving Tree
2. Solstice
4. After The Smoke Clears
5. The Here And Hereafter
6. Swallowing Teeth
7. Berlin
8. One Sky Above Us
9. Iron Glacier
10. Earth Crawler