Lily Konigsberg

The Best of Lily Konigsberg So Far

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Limited LP : Indies Exclusive Red Vinyl

LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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A musical omnibus, The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now is the first widely distributed Lily Konigsberg physical release as well as the first vinyl treatment for both Good Time Now and 4 Picture Tear. The collection loosely parallels the melancholic narrative behind the latter, where a mental break triggered Konigsberg’s depersonalized sense of her past self. Of the 4 Picture Tear EP Konigsberg says, “I would look at this photo booth picture I took with Matt [Norman] and cry because I thought I was looking at the person I used to be in that picture and that that person was gone.” In retrospect, these three EPs feel like distinc- tive vignettes of Konigsberg’s progression as a songwrit- er, each version of her past self tethered by an invisible thread to the present through musical alliances and fervent introspection. “Owe Me,” a song Konigsberg never felt fit on any of her previous releases, now serves as an opening curtain call. “Thank you all for coming to my show,” Konigs- berg says to an invisible audience’s applause, “If you didn’t know, now you certainly know.” It’s a transportive moment that combines Konigsberg’s patient steps into the under- ground pop limelight with her exceptional ability to connect with a diverse and talented cohort of creatives.


1. Owe Me
2. To Hold It
3. Rock and Sin
4. 7 Smile
5. At Best a #3
6. It’s Just Like All The Clouds
7. I Said
8. Summer in the City
9. Good Time
10. Lily’s National Anthem
11. Waterfall Snake Juice
12. Talk To Me w. Birds
13. Roses
14. North Porsche
15. I Don’t Like the Name
16. Big Tall Grass (demo)
17. Opening The Day (demo)