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Formed in Memphis in 1967, the Box Tops were fronted by Alex Chilton (who later went on to lead Big Star) and are best known for their blue-eyed soul and psychedelic pop-rock sound on hits including ‘The Letter’, ‘Cry Like A Baby’, ‘Choo Choo Train’ and ‘Soul Deep’.

Alongside those classic singles, this new collection also includes a selection of lesser known fan favourites including ‘Neon Rainbow’, ‘Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March’, and their cover of Procol Harum’s ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’.



Side A
1. The Letter
2. Soul Deep
3. Whiter Shade Of Pale
3. Neon Rainbow
5. Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
6. Trains & Boats & Planes

Side B
1. Cry Like A Baby
2. Choo Choo Train
3. She Knows How
4. I’m Your Puppet
5. Happy Times
6. Turn On A Dream



CD 1
1. The Letter
2. She Knows How
3. Trains & Boats & Planes
4. Break My Mind
5. Whiter Shade Of Pale
6. Everything I Am
7. Neon Rainbow
8. People Make The World
9. I'm Your Puppet
10. Happy Times
11. Turn On A Dream
12. Cry Like A Baby
13. Deep In Kentucky
14. Fields Of Clover
15. Good Morning Dear

CD 2
1. You Keep Me Hanging On
2. The Door You Closed To Me
3. Choo Choo Train
4. She Shot A Hole In My Soul
5. People Gonna Talk
6. I Met Her In Church
7. Soul Deep
8. I Shall Be Released
9. Midnight Angel
10. Together
11. I Must Be The Devil
12. Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
13. (The) Happy Song
14. Rock Me Baby
15. I See Only Sunshine