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  • Released: 14/10/2022
  • Label: 7Ts
  • Genre: Pop

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• 42 track 2 CD set covering everything released by 70’s Glam Pop heroes Kenny.
• With a booklet containing detailed liner notes overseen by Chris Redburn plus repros of numerous picture sleeves from across the globe.

Disc 1, making its first appearance on CD, is the band’s Top 60 debut LP ‘The Sound Of Super K’. This features the UK hit singles ‘The Bump’ (No.4), ‘Fancy Pants’ (No.4), ‘Baby I Love You OK?’ (No.12) and ‘Julie Anne’ (No.10).

Plus nine bonus tracks are four by Tony Kenny including the hit singles ‘Heart Of Stone’ (No.11) and ‘Give It Me Now’ (No.38).

Also including the previously non UK, non CD, non LP B-side, ‘Bring Back Those Good Old Melodies’.

Disc 2 is the rare ‘Ricochet!’ album, which was only ever released in Germany and Japan. This features the German hit singles ‘Hot Lips’ (No.15) and ‘Red Headed Lady’ (No.38) as well as the non charting ‘Old Songs Never Die’ and ‘Reach Out (I’ll Be There)’ 45s.

With a bonus of two previously unreleased 1976 studio demos by bassist Chris Redburn which includes his version of the Heavy Metal Kids classic ‘Jack The Lad'


1. The Bump
2. Hey! Mr Dream Seller
3. For Ever And Ever
4. Baby I Love You OK!
5. Memories
6. Julie Anne
7. Nice To Have You Home
8. Glad, Glad, Glad
9. Little Darlin’
10. Long Lost Summers
11. Just A Word Away
12. Fancy Pants
13. Forget The Janes, The Jeans And
14. The Might Have Beens
15. Bring Back Those Good Old Melodies
16. I’m A Winner
17. The Sound Of Super K
18. Dancin’ Feet
19. Happiness Melissa
20. Heart Of Stone
21. Buttons
22. Give It To Me Now
23. Rollin’


1. Hot Lips
2. I Won’t Cry
3. You Wrote The Words
4. I’m Coming Home
5. Go Into Hiding
6. End Of A Love Affair
7. Red Headed Lady
8. Be My Girl
9. Make Up, Break Up
10. Alone Together
11. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher
12. Bangin’ My Head Against A Brick Wall
13. Old Songs Never Die
14. Don’t Hold On
15. Reach Out (I’ll Be There)
16. Time Is The Healer
17. Cryin’
18. Abe’s Lament
19. Jack The Lad (Chris Redburn)
20. Gypsy Rosa (Chris Redburn)