Mr Big

The Albums 1976-78

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• Long overdue 3CD 44-track box set rounding up the mid-70s recordings by Mr Big.

• Disc 1 is debut album ‘Sweet Silence’. With six previously non LP non CD bonus tracks have added including the singles ‘Eee I’m Alright’, ‘Christmas With Dicken’ and ‘Lucky Man’.

• The second disc is the ‘Mr Big’ album, making its debut on CD featuring the international chart hits ‘Romeo’ (No.3 in the UK) and ‘Feel Like Calling Home’ (No.35 in the UK).

• The final disc is the ‘Seppuku’ album. Produced by Mott The Hoople’s Ian Hunter it was supposed to have been released in 1978 but never saw the light of day until 2001.

• With a booklet containing in-depth liner notes by Phil Hendriks in conversation with vocalist / songwriter Dicken and drummer John Burnip.



1 Time Base
2 Wonderful Creation
3 Golden Lights
4 Uncle John ‘B’
5 I Ain’t Bin A Man
6 Sweet Silence
7 Zambia
8 Enjoy It
9 Violet May
10 For The Fun To Find
11 Appeared A Shining Throne
12 Throne Second Amendment BONUS TRACKS
13 Eee I’m Alright
14 I Ain’t Bin A Man (Single Version)
15 Christmas With Dicken
16 Time For A Laugh
17 Lucky Man
18 Josephine


1 Photographic Smile
2 Romeo
3 What Colour Is The Wind
4 Louisiana Street
5 Feel Like Calling Home
6 Goodbye World
7 Vampire
8 Hold Me
9 Can We Live / Angel Of My Life
10 Easy
11 Wonderful Creation (USA LP Remix)
12 I Ain’t Bin A Man (USA LP Remix)
13 Sweet Silence (USA LP Remix)
14 Zambia (USA LP Remix)


1 Senora
2 Woman
3 Place Your Bets
4 Here It Comes Again
5 Tonight
6 Lucy
7 Goosestep
8 You Won’t See Me
9 Behind Enemy Lines
10 Come Rock With Me
11 Seppuku
12 Death Boy