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Sound Wave

4 CDs and 56 tracks in total, this collection rounds up The Glitter Band albums “Hey!”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Dudes”, “Listen To The Band” and “Paris Match” and b-sides with a 20 page booklet.


Disc 1 Hey!
1-1 Tell Him
1-2 Angel Face
1-3 Shout It Out
1-4 Sea Cruise
1-5 All I Have To Do Is Dream
1-6 Rock On
1-7 Just For You
1-8 Twisting The Night Away
1-9 Baby I Don’t Care
1-10 Sealed With A Kiss
1-11 I’m Celebrating
1-12 Gimme Some Loving
1-13 Angel Face (Reprise)
Bonus Track
1-14 You Wouldn’t Leave Me Would You?
Disc 2 Rock ‘N’ Roll Dudes
2-1 For Always And Ever
2-2 Sweet Baby Blue
2-3 I Can’t Stop
2-4 Write Me A Letter
2-5 All My Love
2-6 Goodbye My Love
2-7 Game’s Up
2-8 Bring Her Back
2-9 Pictures Of You
2-10 Do You Remember
2-11 You’re Trying Too Hard
2-12 Let’s Get Together Again
Bonus Tracks
2-13 Jukebox Queen
2-14 Got To Get Ready For Love
Disc 3 Listen To The Band
3-1 Where Have You Been
3-2 People Like You And People Like Me
3-3 My First Mistake
3-4 Painted Lady
3-5 Let Me Love You
3-6 Dream Baby
3-7 Oh Well Never Mind
3-8 Watch The Show
3-9 Alone Again
3-10 Makes You Blind
3-11 The Tears I Cried
Bonus Tracks
3-12 Until Tomorrow
3-13 Love In The Sun
3-14 I Can Hear Music
3-15 Don’t Make Promises (You Can’t Keep)
3-16 Tuna Biscuits
Disc 4 Paris Match
4-1 Love Street
4-2 Lay Your Love On Me
4-3 I Really Didn’t Love Her At All
4-4 She Was Alright
4-5 Hard To Settle Down
4-6 Almost American
4-7 It’s Alright
4-8 You Never Walk Out On Your Baby
4-9 Look What You’ve Been Missing
4-10 Sympathy For The Devil
Bonus Tracks
4-11 Gotta Get A Message Back To You
4-12 Move On Up