Inclusion Principle

The 4, The 8, The 10

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The electronics / woodwind duo celebrates its 15th year of existence with this album, the first in 5 years.  

Material developed for concerts during the period since the group’s previous CD release feed into this set of studio recordings. Transformed field recordings, electro-acoustic abstraction and incisive beats are sculpted carefully to give this high contrast music a powerful drive. This new album adds some deep grooves to the characteristic minimalist abstraction of the group, and cutting through the resulting electronic soundscape, both Perez and Archer play their front line horns with their characteristic angular melodic lines.  

The CD begins with a series of rhythm driven pieces before concluding with an extended suite Ornament Of Light, which explores the more spacious side of the duo as heard in their live performances, and whenever the players explore the resonant space in which the music is played.  


A Dark Night Ahead of Us / Intermediate Space / Arising and Passing  Away / Gentle Persuasion / Object of Refutation / Ornament of Light Pt. 1 /  Ornament of Light Pt. 2 / Ornament of Light Pt. 3