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That's Right!

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Considering Victor Bailey is one of the most ubiquitous sidemen on the music scene, you might think he’d seize the opportunity to proclaim his individual identity as a bassist on his third solo album, That’s Right! Well, not exactly. That’s Right! is not a “bass” album, per se, but rather a solid collection of funk fusion tunes that spotlight the former Weather Report bassist’s multiple gifts as a composer, musician, arranger and leader.  

While That’s Right is clearly Bailey’s album - he composed most of the tracks and infectious grooves prevail - the recording is a group effort. And what a group! Bailey enlisted drummers Omar Hakim and Lenny White, saxophonist Bill Evans, saxophonist/bass clarinetist Bennie Maupin, keyboardist Jim Beard and guitarist Dean Brown to help him breathe vibrant life into the album’s nine tracks. 


Goose Bumps / Knee Deep / One Nation Medley / Where's Paco? / Joey / Nothing But Net / The Rope-A-Dope / Steamy / Black On The Bach / That's Right!