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Russian producer Aleceo's debut album for Copenhagen's Music for Dreams label.
A mix of mellow deep house and woozy downtempo which some may call Balearic.
A1 Liebe Tanzen
A2 Take My Love
A3 Dome(feat. Sergio Kampanella)
A4 Known Him
B1 Dipping Into You(feat. Jelila)
B2 Teletrip
B3 Monotone (feat. Maria Verymaryland)
C1 Nevesomost
C2 Priceless(feat. Kita)
C3 Clouds (feat. Sergio Kampanella)
D1 Whisper To The Wind (feat. Wulf SoulFire)
D2 Mzi
D3 Dome (Kenneth Bager Reprise) (feat. Sergio Kampanella)