Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

Teen Tapes (For Performing Your Own Stunts)

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Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys have announced a new album, ‘Teen Tapes (For Performing Your Own Stunts)’ - a follow up to their previous record ‘Transit Tapes (For Women Who Move Furniture Around)’ - and the final in their series of tapes.

The trilogy, which began with the introverted collection of lullabies, ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls’, is an intimate roadmap back into feeling. If Sleeping Tapes is closed-eyed, Transit Tapes slowly looks up, and Teen Tapes meets the gaze of another. There is a relinquishing of control, both in the sonic landscape and in the story. The tapes document a growing want to play and to be brave enough to fail. To take risks and to make a mess, and possibly, hopefully, surely, find a way to connect. The songs are both the process and the product. An instruction manual written in reverse.

For Teen Tapes, Lucy picked up a plectrum and a fuzz pedal and promised herself the space to experiment. To write the album she had fantasized about many years before. An almost naive expression of feeling that revels in, and reckons with, the chaos, the danger, and the delicacy of being alive and in love. The album was work-shopped and recorded in Berlin with Liú Mottes, Andreas Miranda, and Martin Perret, the same players who created and recorded Transit Tapes with Lucy. All three albums were released by Unique Records.


1. Warm I
2. Risk
3. Spinning
4. Play
5. Amsterdam
6. Autobiography of an Evening
7. Hold You Back
8. Iscariot
9. Escape
10. Unpack