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Fake Four Inc. is releasing a special limited press of ‘Tantrum,’ the full-length album by mysterious MC Nigel.

Executive produced by underground rap staple Onry Ozzborn, the project features Aesop Rock, Nxick, Mr. Dibbs, Sapient, NyQwil and Nigel’s cousin Lil Pippy.

In a conversation with Hip Hop DX, Onry Ozzborn explains: ‘While touring Central Europe last year, we stayed at a plum farm in East Prague on one of our days off. There, I met a young jackalope named Nigel who just so happened to have ‘a wicked rap or two if I do say so myself,’ as he put it. I was very impressed with his skillset and offered to help him put together a debut effort when I returned to the States. As soon as I was back, I went right to work and reached out to Zavala, Rain, Smoke M2D6 and Bird Diver to handle production.

  1. murtnaT (f. Nxick & Mr Dibbs)
  2. N1G37
  3. Cardi (f. Lil’ Pippy)
  4. No More Waves (f. Sapient)
  5. VVhat A Drag
  6. TAOS Two (f. Aesop Rock & Mr Dibbs) 
  7. D&D (f. NyQwil)
  8. Plum Fields
  9. VVhale VVhatching
  10. More
  11. Sus Bright Politi (Bonus Track)